Rubberized Hair / Rubberized Curled Hair

This stuff has a weird name and it's admittedly weird stuff! But it's the material to use if you're restoring / wanting "horsehair" or “hog hair”. BTW, real horsehair is no longer available or an option for many reasons, especially flammability.

Rubberized curled hair is made of sterilized curled coir and hog bristle / hair, whereby each hair is coated and impregnated with synthetic rubber latex. Use it like foam - it conforms to all contours including sharp bends and edges. It can be tacked, stapled, sewed, hog ringed or button tufted, and it cuts easily with scissors or a knife.

  • Material is also perfect for model-making and many other hobbies.
  • Available in two different sizes (select from the drop-down menu above):
    • 1" thick x 30" wide
    • 2" thick by 20" wide (see ** below)
  • Please note: rubber hair is 1" or 2" thick when it's made, but it gets compressed when it's rolled for packing and shipping. Thus, the actual thickness of the 1" is approximately 3/4", and the 2" is approximately 1-3/4" thick.  If you need it thicker, you can double the material.

    ** The 2"-thick material will provide more loft and padding as it is more spongy than the 1"-thick material. However, it is not double the thickness of the 1" material when it is compressed.
  • Clean, durable and moth-proof
  • Price is by the running foot: input desired quantity before clicking "add to cart"
  • Quantity is shipped in one continuous length (i.e. if the number 4 is in the quantity box, one piece, four feet long, will be shipped)

Item is not returnable.

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