Pli-Grip / Ply Grip / Flex Trim

Goodbye hand sewing!

Finishing your edges is now super easy and super fast with this flexible metal teeth fastener which is known as Pli-Grip (Ply Grip) or Flex Trim.

It's a flexible continuous coiled fastener that navigates twists, bends and curves. It won't buckle, and it eliminates hand sewing, double welting and gimp tacks. Create professional looking, clean, smooth seams / edges quickly.

Pli-Grip / Ply Grip / Flex Trim

  • Three-tooth pattern; medium gauge
  • Galvanized satin finish won't rust or stain
  • Easy to cut for custom fit
  • Super easy to install: simply staple down
  • For curved or intricate seams
  • Click the "More Info" tab for how to measure amount needed
  • Price is by the running foot: input desired quantity before clicking "add to cart"
  • Quantity is shipped in one continuous length (i.e. if "4" is in the quantity box, one piece, 4" long, will be shipped)

Item is not returnable.

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