Feather & Down Ball Pillows

Feather and Down Ball Pillows

Firmly stuffed for high loft and spring-back

These ball pillows are really fun and make a great addition to your décor. Please note it is not humanly (or even robotically! 😊) possible to make these pillows into a perfect sphere shape, but they are definitely round balls!

Important note about shipping:  these pillows are made to order, and thus the product will be shipped out seven to 10 business days after the order is placed.  Shipping duration can be up to six business days depending on location, so to be safe, please allow 21 days total between the order date and the day product is received.  Please ignore any statements on your order confirmation or emails that this pillow is shipped within two to three days.

Don't have a pattern? No worries! We have a great pattern available for download, and it's free with the purchase of two ball pillows, or $15.00 without the purchase.  The pattern is not a digital download; it will be mailed to you in paper format, and the price for the pattern includes shipping.

    • Shape: Ball / Sphere
    • Size: 12" Diameter
    • Available Blends (the more down, the softer, lighter and more luxurious the pillow; the more feathers, the firmer and heavier - make selection from drop-down menu above):
      • 95% Feathers, 5% Down
      • 90% Feathers, 10% Down

Please order carefully as these pillows are not returnable; adding this item to cart and checking out represents acceptance of this policy and the seven to 10-day shipping time-frame.


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