Feather & Down Ball Pillows

Feather and Down Ball Pillows

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Ball pillows are all the rage now! They are really fun and make a great addition to your décor. One of our customers uses these pillows as the ultimate arm rest on the couch. Please note it is not humanly (or even robotically 😊) possible to make these pillows into a perfect sphere shape, but they are definitely round balls.

Important note about shipping time-frames for all ball pillows: these pillows are made to order, and normally, they are typically shipped around 21 business days after the order is placed. Great news: we have a very limited number of pillows in stock and can ship within a couple days of your order. Once these are sold, we will be back to the 21-day minimum lead time.

For the 90% feather / 10% down pillows, they are made to order and only available by the case (six units). Unfortunately, they are not sold individually, and they ship as described above. 

    • Shape: Ball / Sphere
    • Size: 12" Diameter
    • Available Blends (the more down, the softer, lighter and more luxurious the pillow; the more feathers, the firmer and heavier - make selection from drop-down menu above):
      • 95% Feathers, 5% Down
      • 90% Feathers, 10% Down - available only by the case of six units. Unfortunately, they are not sold individually. 😢
    • Fabric requirements to make a cover:
      • Fabric type: upholstery weight only. If using a lighter weight fabric,  there is a great risk the fabric itself will rip at or along the seams when inserting / stuffing the pillow. Trust us on this one as this is exactly what happened to us!
      • Fabric width: 54" minimum
      • Yardage requirement: one yard is a generous amount, but if matching print patterns, play it safe with 1.5 yards. Note that the fabric pieces must be cut on the bias, and be sure to always match the fabric's nap.
    • Important note about shipping: depending on the number of pillows purchased, the shipping charges may be under-calculated by the website. If this is the case, we will contact you before shipping to discuss. Cancelling is always an option if the costs are too high. Rest assured we don't jack up the shipping; it's just so expensive to ship these days...

Please order carefully as these pillows are not returnable; adding this item to cart and checking out represents acceptance of this policy.