Coil Upholstery Springs

Did you know it could be really fun and cathartic to tie coil springs? As weird as this sounds, for many, it's true. Once you get into the "zone," it can be relaxing and a great way to mentally check out.

In addition to providing a nice comfy seat, seat springs absorb shock and give resilience. Thus, choosing the right spring size is important and based on two important factors: the load / weight the springs need to support, and the depth of the frame in which they will be placed.

When selecting a spring's size, keep in mind the top of the spring (after it is tied down), should be 3" to 4-1/2” above the railing (over 4-1/2" will be unsteady). Generally this means that half of the spring's overall height (uncompressed) will be above the railing after it's tied down.

Available Sizes (select from drop-down menu above):

  • #00 (4-3/4")
  • #0 (5-5/8")
  • #1 (7-1/2")
  • #2 (9-1/4")

Be sure to use only Ruby Waxed Hemp Spring Twine to tie your springs. You definitely don't want to go through all the work / effort to tie the springs, only to have them fail because of broken, cheap twine!


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