Osborne Advanced Upholstery Kit - 8 tools plus needles and pins

Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned professional, this inclusive kit will take you through your most complicated projects.

Osborne Advanced Upholstery Kit
One great-value price gets you all these tools!

  1. Bronze Magnetic Tack Hammer (OS-33)
  2. Staple Lifter (OS-120.5)
  3. Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher (OS-253)
  4. Ripping Chisel (OS-402)
  5. Square Point Knife for cutting foam (OS-76.5)
  6. White Rubber Mallet (OS-396-2)
  7. Upholstery Regulator (8" long), 9-gauge metal shank (OS-306-5-8)
  8. Set of four (3", 4", 5", 6") curved round-pointed needles (OS-K3)
  9. Set of four (6", 8", 10", 12") long straight needles (OS-K5)
  10. 10" Shears (OS-684)
  11. 36 (pieces) Heavy-Duty Upholstery Pins (OS-190)
  12. White Marking Chalk- one piece (OS-88)
  13. Instruction Booklet

If purchased separately, you'd pay more than $330.00 (!).

Know anyone who's just starting out? This kit makes a fantastic gift!

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