Osborne Upholstery Needles

These needles are beefy - really strong with nice sharp points and big eyes that take yarn, thick thread, etc.

A large variety of sturdy strong needles is required for hand-sewing and tufting. These needles make sewing a breeze, and they are packaged in convenient sets for a nice variety of styles and sizes for one low price.

Osborne Needles

  • All needles made of steel
  • Super sharp heads for precision sewing
  • Large eyes for easy threading
  • Superior quality

Select option from the drop down menu above:

  • OS-K3
    • Set of four curved round-point needles for fabric
    • Needle lengths - 3", 4", 5", 6"
  • OS-K4
    • Set of four curved 3-point diamond-point needles for leather
    • Needle lengths - 3", 4", 5", 6"
  • OS-K5
    • Set of four long straight pointed needles, which are excellent for tufting, attaching buttons to pillows, etc.
  • Note: K3 and K5 needle cards are included in our money-saving Osborne Advanced Tool Kit.

These needles will make your sewing life much easier, and they're also great for all kinds of other sewing uses outside of upholstery. Happy Sewing!

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