Zigzag / No-Sag Springs and Clips

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How to Measure and Cut ZigZag / No-Sag / Sinuous Springs


No-Sag, S-coils, zigzag wire, zig zag springs, serpentine springs — all the same thing, but with different names.

These springs are very easy to use and are great for ottomans, chairs and sofas (seats and backs), etc. They install quickly and easily and don't require a time-consuming hand-tying effort like coil springs. Simply run rows of springs every few inches apart, either side-to-side or front-to-back.

Zigzag Springs and Clips
Select springs or clips in the drop-down menu above

Available in (clips sold separately):

  • For chair and sofa backs - Soft (11 gauge / .1205" diameter)
  • For seats and ottomans - Firm (9 gauge / .1483" diameter)
  • For extra-long runs or extra-firm surfaces - Extra Firm (8 gauge / .162" diameter)
  • Be sure to select which gauge from the drop-down menu above
  • Simply install with specially made no-sag clips and nails. Clips and nails are sold separately and are not included with the springs. Purchase clips in the drop-down menu below.
  • Springs are sold in 10-foot running lengths; input desired quantity before clicking "add to cart"
  • Quantity is shipped in one continuous length (i.e. if "4" is in the quantity box, one piece, four yards long, will be shipped)
  • See our video for how to measure and cut the springs

Important Notes:

  • Clips are sold separately and are not automatically included with the springs.
  • All springs are priced and sold by the 10-foot running lengths. This means if 18 feet are needed, input "2" in the quantity box, and a continuous, 20 foot length will be shipped. You will not receive two separate 10-foot pieces.
  • Our suppliers having been raising prices like crazy, and we have not raised our prices until now (3/22). Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, especially since our cost to ship in supplies has tripled in the last six months. Thank you for your understanding.

Springs are not returnable.


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