Osborne Ripping Chisel (Chisel Ripper)

This tool is used for stripping frames of fabric, welting, gimp, tacks, etc.

Simple to use: wedge blade under the fabric and if necessary, tap the end of the handle gently with the side of your tack hammer head. This should release the fabric. We do not recommend using this tool to remove stubbornly affixed tacks, no-sag or regular nails, and / or decorative upholstery nails. Using it as such can damage the surface of the chisel. Instead, use either a Combination Chisel Ripper / Tack Claw, or a strait tack claw, which has a beefier shank channel.

Osborne Chisel Ripper / Ripping Tool:

  • Blade made of heavy duty, forged, highly polished steel
  • Heavy duty plastic handle
  • Easy to use in corners and tight places

This tool is included in our money-saving Osborne Advanced Tool Kit.

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