Wiss Bent Inlaid Scissors

Wiss heavy-duty scissors - perfect for your upholstery jobs.

What is Bent Inlaid? It is a special process of welding high carbon steel blades to hot drop-forged steel frames. The results of this superior combination? Blade hardness and scissors that cut better and last longer.

These heavy-duty industrial / professional scissors are excellent for upholstery, hobbies and crafts, making garments, etc. Invest in a good pair of scissors with quality backed by the Wiss reputation.

Wiss Bent Inlaid Scissors

  • Made of the finest quality cutlery steel
  • Available in multiple sizes and weights; select from drop-down menu above
  • Left-handed version available as well!
  • Knife-edge blade ensures an easy, accurate cut, right to the tip
  • Cuts fine to heavy-duty fabrics; not recommended for leather; cutting leather with these scissors will give poor results and quickly dull the blade
  • Can be re-sharpened by professional knife / scissors sharpener
  • Patented Set-Easy® pivot for smooth opening and closing

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