Feather & Down Ball Pillows

Feather & Down Ball Pillows
Feather and Down Ball Pillows

Firmly stuffed for high loft and spring-back

These ball pillows are really fun and make a great addition to your décor.

Don't have a pattern? No worries! We have a great pattern available for download, and it's free with the purchase of two ball pillows, or $10.00 without the purchase.

    • Shape: Ball / Sphere
    • Size: 12" Diameter
    • Available Blends (the more down, the softer, lighter and more luxurious the pillow; the more feathers, the firmer and heavier - make selection from drop-down menu above):
      • 95% Feathers, 5% Down
      • 90% Feathers, 10% Down

Please order carefully as these pillows are not returnable; adding this item to cart and checking out represents acceptance of this policy.