BEA Pneumatic Staple Guns

BeA Pneumatic (Air-driven) Staple Guns - the Ferrari of staple guns

Important announcement: Starting October 18, 2019, we may have to increase our prices by 25% as BeA has informed all its distributors "that further Section 301 tariff actions will specifically lash out at German made products. A 25% ad valorem duty will be imposed starting October 18th, 2019."

Just ask any profession which brand of staple guns they use, and the vast majority will tell you BeA. Why? Because they easily drive staples into even the hardest wood and give you superior results year after year. And the best part? The tool is very gentle on your hands, which, if this has never been considered before, image what your hand would feel like after pressing a hard lever / trigger for hours and days on end.

So why spend so much money on a staple gun? The answer depends on what you want: just a tool to get the job done regardless of the quality or ease of use, or an investment that performs over and over and won't ruin your hand.

We carry the most popular BeA staple guns for upholstery. We are BeA distributors, so if you don't see what you need, we can special-order any item in their catalog.

These guns ship at a discounted rate. If you are purchasing just one gun and nothing else, the shipping is only $14.95. Rest assured the adjustment is made before your credit card is charged, regardless of what the website calculates / states. Contact us for special orders and questions.

Happy Stapling!