BeA 95-Series 1/2" Crown, 20-Gauge Flat-Wire Stapler

Important Note - Please Read:

All BeA staple guns are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and inventory is very uncertain due to COVID. Once you place your order, if items are not in stock, we will promptly advise and keep as a backorder or cancel, whichever you prefer.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Thank you for your understanding!

BeA staple guns are the world-wide industry standard for excellence, durability and comfort. Sure, you could buy a much less expansive tool. But if you want to make an investment in a tool that will last, and most importantly, protect your hand from recoil, BeA is your clear choice.

BeA 95 series staple guns:

  • Shoots 20-gauge flat staples with a 1/2" crown / staple width
  • Slim nose design for accurate staple placement
  • "S" model has safety feature, which requires contact of gun to work surface material in order to fire staple
  • 7/8" nose length
  • Shoots staple leg lengths of 1/4”, 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16" and 5/8". Staples available for purchase here.
  • Be sure to see the last photo for guidance on how to correctly load staples
  • Integrated silencer
  • Extremely gentle on your hands
  • Drive staples into the hardest woods and materials efficiently and effortlessly
  • This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer, so there may be a delay in shipping due to issues out of our control
  • Important note: many BeA guns look the same, so if the image does not reflect the model number above, rest assured you are purchasing the model noted in this description

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