Button Die Sets - All Sizes

Make cool and beautiful fabric-covered buttons with this die set (and button press). Die and press-made buttons won't easily pull apart like buttons made from Dritz-type and hammer-based kits, etc.

Important note: these dies are for average-weight fabrics (majority of fabrics). For lightweight or heavyweight fabrics or leather, you'll need a different die. Be sure to always purchase dies made specifically for your material thickness (trying to cover very thin and very thick materials with a die for average-weight material will result in poor quality buttons at best. Contact us to special order dies for lightweight or heavyweight and leather material.

Dies available in many sizes / diameters; select from drop-down menu above

Set includes:

  • Two-part die (top and bottom)
  • Circular fabric cutter - cuts through multiple layers of fabric at once
  • Dowel for fabric placement and button removal

We can also special order extra or replacement cutters!


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